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The Benefits of Security + (Plus) Training Classes 


The Computing Technology Industry Association, or CompTIA, is a well-known not-for-profit organization that specializes in certifying trained computer technology specialists. This is done through carefully prepared and up to date examinations designed to test professionals in specific areas of computer expertise.

CompTIA certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute, and is recognized as the leading standard in computer technology certification.Obviously security has become a mainstream issue and therefore changes are happening all the time.


What is the CompTIA Security Plus certification?

The CompTIA Security+ certification is awarded to professionals who demonstrate excellence in the field of computer security. Topics in this area include cryptography and access control as they pertain to computer technologies.

To be awarded certification, professionals must pass a 100 question multiple choice examination on security technologies. Applicants are recommended to have two years technical networking experience, as well as prior Network+ certification before taking the Security+ exam.

Computer security specialists design, implement, and maintain a business’ information security. Professionals in this field are tasked with educating employees about computer security, installing security software, monitoring for network breaches, responding to cyber infiltrations, and sometimes gathering data as evidence for prosecuting hackers. This type of training is required for all types of IT companies from Application Security firms to Virtual Private Network Services companies. Threats grow and so do the professionals working to fend them off. One example of change is the cloud, which os often seen as a safe place to store data online. The Security+ certification has been a certification that has changed with the times as well, with versions updating almost annually.

How can I prepare for the Security+ exam?

Your first step for preparing for the CompTIA Security+ certification should be to enroll in a CompTIA Security Plus Certification Training program. Courses specializing in IT certification are offered by many top technical schools.

Your training course will cover topics in general security concepts, communications security, infrastructure security, fundamental cryptography, and organizations security. Additional courses are offered in:

• Computer Hacking, Cracking, and Attacks
• Advanced Mitigation Techniques
• Hardening
• Infrastructure Accessing Points
• Protocols
• Topologies
• Management

Upon completion of computer security classes, students will be able to demonstrate understanding of:

• Security threats
• Communications and infrastructures security
• Cryptography, access control and authentication techniques
• External attacks
• Operational security

How can CompTIA Security Plus Certification help me or my business?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor, employment in computer IT related fields, especially those related to networking and security, is expected to be among the fastest growing during the next decade.

This is partly due to the fast pace at which computer technologies are developed. Even in rough economic times, businesses are finding it necessary to invest more in their computer and network security. Because of this, trained and certified IT professionals in the field of computer technology security are in constant demand.


Security+ Certification Advantages for Employers

Regardless of how sophisticated firewalls, encryption and anti-virus programs become, businesses will always be concerned with security issues and will want to hire IT support that are highly knowledgeable about the most-effective security techniques. Security breaches can lead to financial losses when crucial financial information is stolen. Compromised customer data also can lead to lawsuits and significant embarrassment for companies.


Verifying Security Knowledge

Security+ certification is one of the most effective ways for businesses to verify that their employees are highly competent in the realm of IT security. The Security+ certification becomes available to professionals who have at least two years of networking experience.


Focuses on Many Security Vendors and Concepts

One of the advantages of Security+ is that it does not focus on a specific security vendor, but instead focuses on different security domain areas. These areas change regularly as the certification improves, so businesses will need to look at the areas that the certification test focuses on to make sure that the certification focuses on those things that the business is concerned with testing.

Concepts that are tested in Security+ include general security concepts, infrastructure security, cryptography basics, communications security and overall organizational security.


Online or Traditional Classroom Instruction Available

Students receive training either through an online program or through a traditional classroom led by an instructor.


Useful for Various IT Positions

Professionals who need Security+ certification the most are those who are working as technicians, security support staff, help desk support and network engineers.

Businesses that have their employees trained in Security+ will have professionals who are capable of implementing more effective security strategies. They will also be able to manage these network infrastructures and more effectively perform assessments and audits.


Only One Certification Required

One of the advantages of Security+ is that candidates do not have to recertify after they pass the exam, which helps save money. Security+ certification saves the time and money that companies have to spend on training their employees, which allows management to focus on core issues.


Required for DoD Contractors

For businesses that are interested in working as contractors for the Department of Defense, the instruction 8570.01-M requires that all systems administrators hold a Security+ certification.


Find the Best Candidates

Another advantage of Security+ is that it is an effective way to weed out the best candidates in an applicant pool for positions that are security-related. While companies will mostly be concerned with whether the candidate has experience handling real-world security issues.